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Watch your dog when you are not at home!

We now carry a brand new webcam that is 100% wireless, so you don't need to run a cord to your computer!  This webcam provides LIVE video and can be controlled by you!   

Doggy Day Care Owners!  If you own  Doggy Day Care, or go to one, you can now have webcams installed so you can watch your dogs when they are playing. We offer lots of solutions from digital recording of the cameras to professional on site installation and remote support and even the creation of an iPhone app and mobile website.  We don't charge monthly fees!! To view a sample, click here.  We are a doggy daycare owner, and know what it takes to make the webcams look good! click here to contact us.

Home users - Many people always wonder what their dog is doing while they are away, but now you can find out. is a very unique service, and we give you the ability to watch your dog while you are away from home. We offer a safe, secure connection that you can access anywhere the internet is available for under $5 per month. If you want more information, just click here.

Not a geek??Don't worry. You don't need to be a super techie computer nerd for this to work. We handle everything from helping you find the perfect webcam, to in home setup and constant support. We have a secure server connection on which your webpage is password protected so you will be the only person that can access your private webpage.  We can also remotely setup everything on your computer so you do not need to geek it out!

Service on your cell/PDA! All users now have a page that is created just to load on cell phones and PDA's!  Now you watch your dog anywhere you go!  

We've Grown!! As of January 1,2010, we have reached over 195 webcams streaming to from across the United States, and we even have a customer in Hawaii! 

My Doggie Webcam - Logo